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Syneteristiki Insurance

Syneteristiki Insurance was born in 1978 with its roots in cooperative ideology. The Greek agricultural cooperative organizations founded the first and only cooperative insurance company. Later, the company’s statutes were modified and allowed other forms of local cooperative organizations (credit, consumers, etc) as well as major European cooperative insurance organizations, such as Unipol Assicurazioni (Italy), Macif (France) and P&V (Belgium) to become shareholders and offer their remarkable know-how from their respective markets. Today, the company’s shareholders number 124, all representing the wider social economy sector.

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Network – Areas Of Activity

Syneteristiki Insurance shows a dynamic presence all over Greece through a continuously upgraded network of 850 sales points with effective and consistent correspondence towards the needs of the consumers, operating most insurance branches, such as:

Fire and Allied Perils

Motor and Agricultural Machinery

Pleasure Boats T.P.L.

Legal Protection

Road Assistance


Contractor’s & Erection All Risks

Personal Accident


General Third Party Liability

Professional Indemnity
of Intermediaries



Group, Investment Products

Contact us about any problem, query or clarification. The competent department of SYNETERISTIKI INS. CO. will reply to you within 24 hours at the latest, using the same means of communication or another means you may request.

Athens Head Offices:

367 Syngrou Avenue, GR-17564 Paleo Faliro
Tel.: 210 949 1280 - 299, Fax: 210 940 3148

Thessaloniki Head Offices:

27 - 29 Polytechniou St., GR-54626 Thessaloniki
Tel.: 2310 554331, 554355, Fax: 2310 500240

Our Organizational Structure

Syneteristiki Insurance’s difference is demonstrated in its structural model. The Board of Directors is elected directly by the shareholders and along with the Chairman map out mid-long term corporate objectives and strategies, the materialization and fulfillment of which the company’s executives are responsible. Through democratic administration and development of the personnel, we ensure the effectiveness of actions, so as to correspond to the demands of the insurance market. The company’s operations, with modern administration methods, an extended network all over Greece, excellent service and modern technical infrastructure significantly strengthens its developing course.

Syneteristiki Insurance since its foundation is an Insurance Societe Anonyme Company and operates according to the Greek Law in relation to the operational status of all Greek insurance companies. The corporate share capital has been fully paid by its shareholders.
In 1994, the company’s statutes were modified; thus an increase of the share capital took place and with the participation of its European partners, SYNETERISTIKI Life was created.

Finally, in 1999 SYNETERISTIKI Life and SYNETERISTIKI Insurance merged in order to attain a better and more flexible as well as competitive mutual functioning of both companies. In addition, the company’s administration is always targeting at the accomplishment of further corporate growth and products enrichment with new insurance policies.

Syneteristiki is the only cooperative insurance company in Greece with a dedicated anthropocentric - social character. It sustains and represents the cooperative ideology and principles in Greece by offering special and unique insurance products to the cooperative organizations, while it operates also successfully in the wider insurance market. Syneteristiki Insurance focuses on the person and his/her needs, offering a great range of modern insurance products suitable for all its customers.

Syneteristiki Insurance cultivates a close relationship with the International Cooperative Movement being an active member of the Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe (AMICE) and the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF).
Additionally, the company has mutual representation agreements with quite a few European cooperative insurance organizations.


Our People

The powerful advantage of Syneteristiki Insurance is the experienced and effective personnel, who, through a pleasant and creative environment, offer solutions at all levels of co-operations. Their principles rule the way they act in business, offering a real choice in private insurance.

Our Clientele

More than 200.000 insured parties trust Syneteristiki Insurance in order to cover their insurance needs. Physical or legal entities from all the socio-economic classes of Greek society and business, as well as cooperative organizations (cooperative unions, cooperative banks, group of producers, municipalities, unions, private companies, e.t.c.) make up our clientele.


Syneteristiki Insurance having already strengthened its position in the insurance market continues its fast growing course of development. It participates in and follows closely market evolutions and is a solvent and reliable insurance company. It invests in both human and material resources, constantly reorganizing its sales network, improving its services, applying and establishing new ways of technological communication with our customers.

Through the sustainable management of human and financial resources, we have developed a judicious strategic plan.

At the same time, we are strengthening our ties with the Greek cooperative organizations, the social ecomony organizations, the international cooperative movement and we create new synergies with all the cooperative banks.

Moreover, the shareholders of Syneteristiki Insurance offer great assistance to our strategies by supporting the efforts of the company’s management in developing its position on the Greek insurance market.

Syneteristiki Ins. Co. remains to its values and objectives, which are to satisfy the needs of its customers by providing a high standard service and to secure the investments of its Shareholders and the future of its employees. Armed with such values as INTEGRITY, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and MOTIVATION targets at:

To pursue new synergies with organizations of the social economy sector

To enhance the development of the bancassurance business with the Cooperative Banks

To continue the professionalization of its sales network

To educate and train its human resources, both employees and sales force

To modernize its functional procedures, will continue its successful course within the market, winning the respect and the trust of its clientele, its collaborators and its competitors

Syneteristiki in numbers

sales points
all over Greece
years of history
vehicles insurance policies
14.000.000 €
paid claims per year
coverage ratio